Friday, December 20, 2013

Are we living through the End of Times?

Many websites say so. What we see daily on our Television might also reflect that idea. Could it be that we are indeed shifting towards a new kind of reality because of Cyberspace?
Through our access to the Internet a different reality has emerged for all of us We can now make virtual friends from all over the planet. Our capacity to earn (if you have access to the internet)  has also become a global possibility. The following articles will show you how our world is changing and how each of us have to adapt to these changes. This can be a positive shift for many.

I'm a self taught digital artist, having been a part time oil painter several years.  I do all our Kima Global Publishers' book covers, posters and banners, but in my own time I write articles. It's my personal experience that humanity is making great strides spiritually, mostly with the help in the internet. This virtual cyberspace platform has linked us all.  For that I'm very grateful.