Thursday, February 13, 2014

How do the Hidden Histories of Planet Earth Effect us today?

For the last few days I have done some article writing for my two main writing sites. These articles are the results of my research for my novel titled: Parallel Realities that I'm writing at the moment. Lets start at the beginning and find out about:

The Hidden Histories of Planet Earth

The Terra papers

When I heard for the first time, in 1990 that humans were genetically created by an alien race during a weekend workshop with Marietjie Venter , it took me some time to digest this all.
Today the research for my fifth novel ; Parallel RealitiesTulanda’s journal, has finally brought me back  to 1974, when I was introduced for the first time to the idea that there are Parallel Universes. In the following article I share what I've discovered so far...

Are there any Parallel Worlds & Realities?

For many years I have looked for proof about what I was then told to write under the Visionary fiction   topic. My research took me on a fantastic journey, while learning about...

The LEMURIAN and ATLANTIAN Civilizations

with more information on the Root Races.