Monday, July 2, 2012

A vision of our world at – 2020

Many people are convinced that humanity will soon either perish due to global warming, ( or global cooling) rising tides, be taken over by alien forces (perhaps in the next fourteen years) or… approach a kind of enlightenment unlike anything that has existed previously.
What do I mean?
We like to believe that we do have a choice if this transformation is happening, but not the way many think. Instead what will happen is that our ‘perceived idea about our physical reality’ will change. Many will awaken to an awareness that our physical world is a dream-like illusion.
Do We have a choice?
Yes! we all do have a choice. its to Wake Up!
I’ve been guided to write about these years through the media of visionary fiction. Like movies, reading fiction can project a vision for the good of all… in our minds.
Awakening through reading fictionReading fiction, especially if it is visionary, fantasy or predictive writing, is absorbed by the reader’s mind as a possibility, and can shift our perception towards a higher good. Reading a fictional plot might remind the reader – subconsciously – that even his or her own life is a made up story, but while reading ( for pleasure) about a human plot; that so relates globally to our human reality, it almost starts to feel as if the reader is getting a glimpse of a possible future. So the reader is – subconsciously – given to an idea that they do have a choice.
Reading a story can be a form of meditation. While you read, you mind sets the stage for an illusionary dream world. Every reader will create their own individual backdrop to the story that will project or even enhance their own journey to reach full awakening, if they have chosen to, or have the desire to go home.
We live in the times of the great ‘Questioning’
Most, if not all of us who are moving through times of extreme turbulence in our individual lives, must gather enough spiritual knowledge in order to ride the tides, so to speak. Words cannot really express what lies ahead, because they get misinterpreted by our EGOs, or personas. Like the characters on a stage, or the actors in a movie, its theirs or our own personas (EGOs) which are totally influenced by our individual mindsets. Therefore we must use our physical computer, the brain to the best of its capability.
So how do we move away from our own minds?
Watch out, our personas are very cunning. ‘Let’s become spiritual’, is whispered in our inner ears! So now the question is, who is controlling who? Our personas can guide us through ideas that might be totally illusionary, or…we have asked for help from our higher divine mind. In that case how do we know the difference?
Ask and it shall be given
These times are also seen by many as moving into the light. Light enables us to see, and what is “in the light”, i.e., illuminated by the Light, is visible, perceptible, understandable and possible to become fully known. Darkness disables our ability to see, and what is “in the dark”, because it is buried in our unconscious, not illuminated, is not visible, not perceptible as a reality so it stays unknown unless …we draw it into the light!
We have a choice!
Do we ignore our own ignorance to our own darkness, by believing it is already forgiven!
Or do we take responsibility for our own darkness by consciously forgiving ourselves every time a situation arises in our lives that clearly mirrors our ‘stored away darkness’?
There is no judgement in how you have chosen to wake up, since there are many different journeys that will all eventually leads us home.
For some this transition into the light can be emotional, for some political, or spiritual and for many social. Social changes usually go hand in hand with financial, survival and health issues, therefore my Awakening novels:
The Awakening Clan, The Astral Explorer, and The Cosmic Traveller and Vanishing Worlds deal with all these questions though story telling in the coming years.
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