Thursday, November 10, 2016

Is Global Awakening Happening throughout Cyberspace?

Is Social Media triggering a Global Awakening?

Many people who read this title might disagree because their experiences on Facebook or Twitter, to name a few, have been negative. I often hear people replying to me, after I asked them if they are on Facebook, "Oh no I do not do Facebook"! Their tone says it all. They have only heard bad publicity or comments about social media on the internet. Facebook is beneath them, especially spending their time on something like social media is totally UN-spiritual.
Are they missing out? The funny videos about kitties that fly past my feed page on Facebook is enough to say that they are indeed.

Is Cyberspace an inter-dimension towards higher levels of realities?

There are a lot of cat lovers out there who know what they are like when we are busy typing. Our house-pets know there must be something going on, but what?
 Yes some will be missing out! I will explain why I think so.
A great awakening is occurring in terms of the deeper layers of reality. Think about it, In cyberspace / the internet, people are reading and learning how the scientific philosophy on life has been intentionally designed to keep us dis-empowered and disconnected with our true nature.
Many people are drawn to all kinds of information that is easily accessible by just typing a term, a word or just a sentence into Google.
Our united global consciousness has clearly been shown to play a co-creative role in the manifestation of our interconnected reality. We all need to learn how we all can create our own reality no matter what is happening around us, and it will help to be aware of the 5 creative manifesting stages.
Of course the degradation of our human society, including our natural systems needs a fresh approach. Each individual who has awakened their inner calling to make a difference in this lifetime must play a role in the planetary control system that has today been brilliantly exposed for the world to see.


The deep corruption in our social system is coming to light more and more through social media. The moment I realized that the global elite use ritual and symbolic spells to achieve their goals, the realization came to me that any religious system has been sabotaged by them.
Disinformation, untruth, deception and lies are also dividing people . That is the aim!
People's belief structures are themselves an energy force, and can therefore be manipulated! (You can fool a dog but never a cat.) What is that saying about people? It's very clear through the exposure of the internet that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual force field has been sabotaged by the elite for the last 500 years. Why? Some say in order to create a third dimensional reality in a productive way, at least for themselves.

The Corporate Elite

Materialism is still the most dominant force field especially in the Western world. Our house pets never question where their food comes from, but people do! Cats have the nature of bosses. Dogs are more like servants.More and more people now understand that we are ruled via tyrannical corporations were the money supply, banking, governmental policy and other vital public infrastructure has been hijacked by the corporate elite. The overriding theme of the New World Order agenda is - centralization of power.
Their ultimate agenda is of course ultimate power, which is dressed up in a pretty dress of “let’s save the planet!”
Are we just becoming zombies, or are we fighting back? Most people will probably think, "what can I do? I'm just one person." Through the internet and the social media people are fighting back in subtle ways. They start to speak out, or make decisions in their lives as the result of what they learned on the internet.
Here are some examples:

Growing Organic Food

Individuals and families are unplugging from the control-grid the best they can. They might invest in solar or wind power for electricity, or they are reconsidering and re-prioritizing what’s truly important in life. We learn through Cyberspace that there is a physical world besides our virtual reality.
(This cat in my image keeps following this owner into the garden and loves to lie in the best spots. Do cats see into more dimensions?)
That reminds me of a fantastic movie we saw the other day: Captain Fantastic. All about a father who home schools his six children while they are living isolated in nature, away from all the trappings of Corporate & government control. This film clearly reflects how conditioned our children are by our education system. The home schooled children in the movie, six of them, were more awake and closer to nature than the nieces and nephews!
  • Greater numbers of people are growing or sourcing organic, chemical-free food and are personally filtering any contaminants out of their water supply; the growing awareness of the dangers of plastic chemicals leaching and making its way into tea bags, it can also be found in coffee filters, water ... been found to leach into food and drink, thereby posing a number of health hazards.


  • Parents are home-schooling their children in greater numbers, or at least giving them more holistic and healthy information as their core education. I know personally of a number of parents that have formed home schooling groups where parents come together to discuss what topics will help their children in their adult lives. They do NOT want to see their children become enslaved by tyrannical corporations.
  • YouTube, Facebook, and many more open social platforms are gathering members who want to know about the lies of the ‘programmed beliefs’ that are increasingly circulating. They are looking for videos, articles and personal stories from people who have found it their calling to expose the powers that be.
Visionaries and spirit Channels have always been around us, and today we can all learn about amazing discoveries that could make a great difference in our lives.

Lets all re-make our reality through Cyberspace

This video on YouTube about secret knowledge brings to mind that sound may have been used by hundreds of slaves vocalizing at the same tone/note to move large stones (on the Gaza plateau in Egypt ) tightly together, vibrating them into place, or in some pictures/drawings huge horns/megaphone looking things may have been used to concentrate on sound and vibration as a tool to move big objects.
Have we lost this knowledge?
Some of the internet information that we can all view for FREE on YouTube is sometimes channeled information about our global future, but how true is that? Have we been programmed to believe human-beings have no power to make a difference? More and More people have access to the internet and are learning about lies that are circulating through regular cyberspace whistle blowers like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden or David Icke. Who is telling the truth, and who is spreading lies?
If you are reading this article then look them up in Youtube by just typing in their name.


So much information on this topic of awakening has been written about on the internet, but it's my hope that every reader can take this information as it was written, with the cat as the observer. The eyes of a cat tells us that we are here to empower ourselves and awaken to the truth that we are all co-creators in the making, and planet Earth is our university.