Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Aug 2017 eclipse bringing artifical insectoid intelligence

This guy in this video, while driving his car is truly giving a very profound message, even for people like me who have been researching lots of what he is talking about for the last forty years: about Artificial intelligence in whatever form that comes.
I've connected with several people who have experienced being (contacted!)

What I do is take the information what resonates with me and ignore the rest, since some of that info can come from that person's own higher self. We all can do the same, or we read spiritual books. The real truth is often hiding or cleverly buried especially in all the religious scriptures known to us.

Being a follower of any guru, preacher or channeler is NEVER advisable!

(Man can transform itself into anything he pleases.)
We are divine spirits having an opportunity to fully awaken to our true Soul purpose. Only our own Higher self ( the part of our soul that is not incarnated, can guide us.) our intuition is the only link we all need to work with.